The Ultimate 6-Week Low Carb Program That Has Thousands Of Aussies Accelerating Fat Loss And Ditching Countless Hours In The Gym

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Finally Take Control Of Your Weight And Regain Lost Confidence So You Can Live A Longer, Happier Life

Have you tried every diet imaginable but still can’t lose weight? Are you embarrassed and self-conscious when looking in the mirror? Is your weight causing concerns about your long-term health? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this could be the most important thing you will ever read.

My name is Vicky Kuriel and I’m the creator of the 6-week low carb challenge, where we help women regain control of their weight – and their lives. You’ll revolutionise the way you think about food, shed your excess body fat and unlock secrets to live a happier, healthier life.

Meet The Revolutionary Dietician And Nutritionist Who’ll Help You Lose Weight – And Keep It Off

A lifelong student of nutrition and healthy eating, I completed a Bachelor of Science (exercise physiology), Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Postgraduate in Sports Nutrition. I practiced as a clinical dietician in a number of Melbourne’s large hospitals – but quickly became disillusioned with the industry. I discovered a problem with the way many Australian Health Professionals viewed diet and nutrition.

Disheartened, I worked as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor while completing further study into alternative approaches to nutrition. This led me to discover the low carb, high fat way of life and I have never turned back. I designed the 6-week challenge to change hundreds of lives and support as many people as possible on their journeys to long-term health!

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Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

Discover The Simple Way To Lose Weight Without Wasting Hours Preparing Food Or Counting Calories

My program is the easiest way to kick-start your weight loss and regain control over your body. You won’t have to find hours each day to prepare page-long recipes or complete rigorous exercise routines. You won’t have to learn complicated formulas, weigh food or count calories either.

Instead, you’ll get quick reference guides, simple food lists and easy-to-follow instructions. This makes it easy to implement a healthier way of eating into your busy life. The low-carb craze will take over your household and spread to your partner and children, allowing your whole family to live happier, healthier lives.

Here’s A Small Sample Of What You Will Discover During Your 6-Week Challenge

  • WARNING: These Fad Diets Affect Your Long Term Health Find out which popular diets are detrimental to your overall health! Plus, learn how you can avoid these yo-yo diets and finally maintain your weight loss

  • The Powerful Technique To Reprogram Your Metabolism Using this simple technique every night will unlock powerful fat burning tools you never knew existed, so you shed kilos without spending hours in the gym

  • 3 Simple Dietary Changes Which Accelerate Fat Loss These 3 easy-to-make changes to your food intake will rapidly accelerate your fat loss from day 1 and put you on the path for long-term health and success

  • How To Completely Reset Your Body In Just 6 Weeks Discover the scientifically backed method of weight loss for women you can use to eliminate your unhealthy habits and kick your junk food habit for good!

  • 6 Quick Exercise Routines Which Burn Off Stubborn Fat Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on broken programs and overpriced trainers who don’t understand you or care about your personal journey or results

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

I am not much into diets and yo-yo eating - I am into real food, real living, and lifestyle. Vicky and Joe deliver a way of eating that makes sense and is steeped in science... Its a community that you join, no question is too hard, no query to small - give it a crack - you wont regret it! I just feel a whole lot better about - well... Life!

Bec Walker

Escape The Endless Yo-Yo Diets Which Set You Up For Failure And Achieve Real, Lasting Results

Completed a multitude of diets but failed to maintain your weight loss? It’s not your fault – most diets out there are unsustainable fad diets which set you up for failure. They don’t focus on the long term, meaning the second you finish the diet you put the weight straight back on.

The 6-week low carb challenge is not just another yo-yo diet. It kick-starts you on a longer journey. You’ll discover a new way of eating you can incorporate into your daily life. You’ll not only shed your excess body fat, you’ll keep it off – forever.

Just Some Of The Amazing Food You’ll Be Eating...

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

The Low Carb Challenge Is Helping People Across Australia!

“The Low Carb Challenge has allowed me to get my head back in the game with regard to food and healthy eating and limits. I have loved experimenting with food and cooking. No more boring bland meals of meat and steamed veg. I’ve loved creating new tasty foods for myself and my family. I feel lighter in the gut and not bloated. I’m sending out big thanks to Vicky and Joe for their support and guidance throughout this challenge. Vicky, your experience and knowledge is invaluable and the way you’ve made yourself available to everyone throughout the challenge is nothing short of awesome. You’re changing lives!

- Nicole Townsend

“Prior to the 6 week low carb challenge I’d been feeling very flat and overwhelmed with life. I had noticed a shift in my mood and a grumpiness towards my husband. I now have increased energy and am sleeping so much better. I have lost weight and my bloating has disappeared – I put on my pre-baby skinny jeans today and not only did they fit but they were comfy!”

- Dayna Hale

Eliminate Cravings, Feel Satisfied After Every Meal And Get Up Each Morning Full Of Energy

Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or only eat celery sticks and dry biscuits. During your low carb challenge, you’ll gain access to recipes and meal plans which allow you to eat healthy food that tastes delicious AND helps you lose weight.

These recipes incorporate superfoods that reduce cravings and make you feel full for longer. They are straightforward and use everyday ingredients, so you won’t waste hours preparing meals. You’ll feel full of energy, have zero cravings and watch the weight melt from your thighs and waist – all while eating food you love!

Even More People Are Seeing Incredible Changes With The Low Carb Challenge!

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

In Just 6 Weeks You Will Melt Away Body Fat And Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

During the challenge, you’ll get absolutely everything you need to kick start your weight loss – detailed video tutorials, information on body awareness and fasting, quick reference guides, meal plans and ongoing support and mentoring from me. Plus, gain 24/7 access to our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals who’ll inspire and support you to reach your goals.

In just 6 weeks you’ll look like a younger you, have more energy and feel more confident in social situations. You’ll finally be able to shop for nice clothes without feeling judged or struggling to find something that fits.

3 Easy Steps To A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

Claim Your Spot In The Low Carb 6-Week Challenge

Simply leave your details below and you’ll soon receive a welcome email outlining what you can expect during the challenge, a 6-week low carb challenge plan plus access to our Facebook group of supportive members.

Lose Weight Using Scientifically Proven Methods

Delicious recipes, quick reference guides, video tutorials, exercise routines and more – you’ll discover everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle so you can easily blast away stubborn fat from your hips, thighs and stomach!

Live A Healthier Life Full Of Energy And Enthusiasm

Your journey won’t stop after the challenge ends – you will have everything you need to incorporate the low carb lifestyle into your everyday life so you can continue the progress you’ve made and keep the weight off forever!

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

Real People. Real Results

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

Need To Know More? These Are The Questions We Get Asked The Most By Our Clients

Answer: The saturated fat-cholesterol hypothesis was first described by Dr Ancel Keys in the 1970s. This hypothesis has NEVER been proven to be correct despite hundreds of studies attempting to do just that. The belief however has been wrongly perpetuated through generations. What research has shown us is that saturated fat improves our cholesterol profile, is not associated with heart disease and possibly even reduces the risk of stroke. Saturated fat is often in food that is extremely nutritious and tasty and should be a regular part of our diet

Answer: The essence of what we recommend in the low carb challenge is the principle of 'Just Eat Real Food' or 'JERF'. When selecting real food i.e. food that is available to us in nature, our diet ultimately becomes lower in carbohydrate and higher in fat and protein. It is therefore 100% safe and highly recommended that your partner and kids eat this way too. Whilst family members may choose not to stick to all of our guidelines as strictly as you, meals suggested and recipes provided are certainly suitable for the whole family to enjoy together.

Did you know that the more carbohydrate we eat, the more we WANT to eat? Carbohydrate stimulates our appetite and perpetuates a need for more. I have had many people over the years in the same predicament, only to discover that their reliance on starchy carbs disappears or significantly diminishes over time. Whilst the initial week or two will be challenging, as you break this reliance, I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised at how little you miss these foods.

Ketones are a natural by-product of fat breakdown and a source of fuel that our bodies thrive on. Nutritional ketosis is often confused with ketoacidosis. These two states are on completely different ends of a spectrum and exist in very different physiological states. Ketoacidosis can be life threatening and most commonly occurs in individuals with Type 1 Diabetes. Nutritional ketosis exists at much lower levels of ketones and the benefits have now been well documented and include things like weight loss, neurological benefits, enhanced athletic performance, as an adjunct to cancer treatment and control of epileptic seizures.

A well-formulated ketogenic diet including a range of vegetables, proteins and fats from a variety of sources and the inclusion of some nuts and seeds has been shown time and time again to meet all nutritional requirements. The guidelines, recipes and quick reference guides provided in this challenge ensure that your low carb diet is well formulated and complete thereby meeting all nutrient requirements. A recent article assessing the nutrient intake of LCHF diet was published in the British Medical Journal (Jan 2018) and concluded 'Despite macronutrient proportions not aligning with the current national guidelines, a well- planned LCHF meal plan can be considered micronutrient replete'.

Contrary to the belief that a low carb diet is not a sustainable lifestyle choice, studies have shown that once people give up sugars and grains they are very likely to do this for good! With LCHF eating resulting in better control of hunger and appetite, returning to low fat, appetite-stimulating, processed food becomes extremely undesirable.

Our brains can function effectively on both glucose (carbs) and ketones (a by-product of fat breakdown). In fact, there is argument that the human brain may even function better on ketones. This is evident in many people reporting clarity and heightened levels of concentration on a low carb diet. If glucose is required, our bodies can actually produce it from protein through a process called gluconeogenesis.

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

If You Aren’t 100% Satisfied With Your Results We Will Even Refund Your Money!

We’re not like the other diet programs you’ve tried. We are so confident this program will work for you and your goals moving forward, we guarantee it. If you follow our guidelines and are still not entirely satisfied with the results, we will refund every single cent you’ve invested. No questions asked.

500+ Clients All Love The Low Carb 6-Week Challenge

My pleasure has been the constant weight loss from week 1. My surprise has been the excess energy and overall feeling of wellness. My gratitude is for the information, which has led me to a better understanding of why my body reacts to food as it does and to Vicky and Joe and the entire group for the motivation and support provided. My most exciting take away is that I haven't seen this as a 6 week challenge since very early on. I see it as a lifestyle choice that my body, not my mind, has chosen for me. Thank you Vicky and Joe. On many levels you've changed my outlook and my lifestyle. Appreciation abounds.

- Nikki Goldman

I have benefitted in so many ways from doing the Low Carb Challenge. I have more energy! I am no longer falling asleep on the couch in the middle of a movie, which makes my husband very pleased. I have a much flatter stomach I didn't really do the challenge for the weight loss but I never realised how damn bloated I was. I must also mention the 4.5kg. I lost and the 5cm reduction in waist circumference, which was all I needed to lose to help me start feeling like me again after having a baby last year. I feel so much more in tune with my body and more educated about food choices. This challenge has set me up well for a lifetime of health eating. Loved it! Cheese and bacon for the win!

- Amanda M

The Low Carb Challenge has given me more energy which has resulted in being able to go for longer jogs/runs of increased intensity and duration. I have lost the baby weight and feeling more like my old self, fitting more comfortably in my old pre-maternity clothes and no more bloating. I am really enjoying the new recipes and inspiration from the amazing people in this group

- Samantha Solomons

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Get Yourself Into The Shape Of Your Life In Under 6 Weeks With The Low Carb 6-Week Challenge For Only $97!

Sign up to be a part of the Low Carb 6-Week Challenge and transform what you look like today into the person you want to be tomorrow. Accompanied by a party of industry leaders, I will guide you away from fad diets and magic potions to practical, scientifically-backed methods of fat loss.

During your 6-week challenge, you’ll receive exclusive access to:

Fat Burning Nutrition And Food Advice To Completely Transform Your Body Inside And Out!

  • You’ll get access to 128+ ridiculously healthy recipes so delicious you’ll kick your junk food habit for good!

  • The most effective meal plans scientifically designed for fat loss - watch as the weight practically melts from your waist, hips and legs!

  • How to carefully organise your kitchen so you aren’t left vulnerable to old junk food habits that will kill your progress

  • The snacking epidemic that has you living like a zombie… Discover how to silence your hunger hormones so you can toss the sugary snacks and start eating healthy without EVER giving in to cravings

  • Indulge your tastebuds with healthy meals which taste so good you won’t ever want to eat junk food again

  • Discover secret superfoods which activate your fat burning so you can shed stubborn weight without exercising for hours every day!

  • How to develop the perfect eye for assessing your food intake so you can eat delicious food without ever having to get out the scales or count calories.

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

Scientifically-Backed Exercise Advice So Effective It’ll Zap The Fat And Keep It Off For Good! 

  • You’ll get access to our 6 fat-melting weekly challenges designed specifically to complement a low carb diet and enhance the results you see from your nutrition

  • The 3 real reasons you weren’t losing weight in the gym and how you should really be exercising when going low carb to achieve better results.

  • The truth about fat adaptation and what you must know before you even set foot in a gym (knowing this one little rule will save you hours of sweat and pain on the treadmill).

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

A Community Of Like-Minded Individuals Available 24/7 To Support You On Your Journey To A Healthier You!

  • You’ll get ongoing support and guidance from myself and Joe on how to get the most out of the challenge so you can stay accountable no matter what time of day

  • Complete access to the Easy Low Carb Living Facebook community full of like-minded and dedicated low carb enthusiasts. Network, swap ideas and recipes, discuss your progress, get feedback and support and keep your motivation high as you power towards your ultimate weight loss goal.

  • Get unlimited access to industry leaders and professionals all on stand-by, ready to assist you in taking back control of your life so you can be happier, fitter and more motivated for the next 10 years!

  • Q&A sessions with expert mentors to answer any concerns you have and help you get the absolute most out of the program so you can shed your excess weight for good and finally start to live a happier life.

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

Resources Galore - Stacked Full Of Everyday Actionable Tips And Guidelines For How To Effectively Introduce The Low Carb Style Of Living Into Your Life

  • You’ll get complete access to our Low Carb Survival Kit that’s packed to the brim with useful resources so you have everything you need to wrap your head around low carb life and lose ridiculous amounts of weight just by changing your food habits

  • Explore 11.5+ hours of detailed video content which contains methods of weight loss so effective you’ll quickly melt away enough body fat to finally fit into your favourite pair of jeans

  • Low carb self assessment tools make it super easy for you to track your progress and see how far you’ve come to achieving your weight loss goals.

  • The low carb rule book revealed! Break these low carb rules and no matter how strong and dedicated you are, you will NEVER keep the weight off (almost nobody – not even the ‘fitness models’ – understand these lessons!)

Escape The Cycle Of Failed Diets And Shed Your Excess Weight So You Can Finally Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin Again

BONUS - Sign Up Today And You’ll Get Exclusive Entry Into Our Partner Program ‘The Low Carb Lifestyle Program’ Absolutely FREE

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect from the partner program:

  • Build on the lessons you’ve learnt with further guidance and ongoing support from Vicky and Joe so you can continue to power past your weight loss goals and take giant strides towards becoming a healthier and more energetic version of yourself

  • Get continued support and recommendations from the Low Carb Challenge team on how to make the low carb lifestyle work for you using actionable tips and straightforward strategies for success

  • Discover insider tricks on how to keep yourself accountable with your new routines and fitness goals so you don’t fall off the wagon at the mere sight of a chocolate bar or packet of chips!

This is a special bonus only available to the first 20 people who sign up today. This once off inclusion into the Low Carb Lifestyle Program will skyrocket your confidence moving forward and give you the best possible chance to finally change your life and transform your health for good!